Wilkie Collins Moonstone – THE BEGINNING OF THE BOOK


Happy Viktoberis!

One of my favorite things on Instagram is Victober, the annual tradition of booksellers reading Victorian literature in October. I look forward to it all year. Reading Victorian novels in the fall is something so cozy.

Are you participating in Victober? What books are you reading this year? I’m reading Moon stone by Wilkie Collins Mill on a thread George Eliot, and maybe another if I have time.

On Fridays, I plan to share some introductory sentences here, “The Beginning of the Book”. Please share the first (or approximate) sentence of the book you are reading (or just want to highlight). Add a link to your book’s start entry in the link box below.



I refer to these lines written in India, to my loved ones in England.

My goal is to explain the motive that led me to give up the right hand of friendship to my cousin John Herncastle.

Moon stone by Wilkie Collins.

Moon stone was released in 1868 and is considered the first (probably) detective story. This is the theft of a yellow diamond the size of a Plover egg. What is a feather egg? I don’t know. I don’t even know how big a full-fledged fishing rod is. But it’s fun to say he loves a lot.


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WEAVE: Friday 56 The event, led by Freda’s Voice, is a natural connection to the event and there are many cuts, so many people combine the two. The idea is to post a trailer from page 56 of the book you are reading and share a link to your post. Find details on Linky for your Friday 56th post as well Fred’s voice.

My Friday 56

From Moon stone:

The diamond takes us back to Mr. Franklin, who was an innocent way to bring that unfortunate gem into the house.

Our beautiful boy did not forget us when he went abroad.

Moon stone is a great book. It’s an amazing adventure with lots of funny details and a pretty good secret. I’m nearing the end and still don’t know who took the diamond.