Why are readers the best people you fall in love with?

“The reader lives a thousand lives before death. A person who never reads lives alone. ” – George RR Martin

Readers are the best scientifically in love people. They have experienced life through thousands of unique perspectives. Readers understand what it means to be a man and a woman. They know what it means to lose their loved ones and watch someone suffer.

Readers are truly true lovers. They are wise for years and will never leave their partner for any stupid reason. Readers understand their partners and play with words in a way that will do magic to your heart!

So if you feel like you’re unlucky in love, it’s time to try your local bookstore or online bookstore. Here are the reasons why readers are the best lovers.

  1. They understand you

Falling in love with some people can be scary. But if your partner is someone who fully understands you, then you have nothing to worry about. It is better to love someone who will love you for your soul than just for your body.

They are the best people you can fall in love with. Readers can interact with the characters in the books. It helps them understand others. They may disagree with you, but will try to look at everything from your perspective.

  1. They are better communicators

Those who read books regularly communicate better than people who do not read. According to research by psychologist Raymond Maro and professor of cognitive psychology Keith Oatley, readers who love fiction are more empathetic and may not reveal their beliefs, opinions, and interests.

You can easily communicate with readers. They will listen to you and understand you. This leads to a happy and healthy relationship. Because you can’t guess your partner’s thoughts, communication becomes the key to a satisfying relationship.

  1. They make amazing interlocutors

Readers always have something new and interesting. They are great interlocutors, so you don’t have to worry about awkward silence and quiet conversations on dates. Their vocabulary and knowledge will surprise you and you will never be bored with them.

Readers are more open and smarter than people who don’t read. You can learn many new things from them. They are the best people to talk to.

  1. They are better problem solvers

People who don’t read books often try to find ways to get out of trouble. However, people who read a variety of books gain knowledge about many things. By reading books, the reader develops good analytical skills and they become able to solve various problems.

Books can help you find a solution to your problems. So readers are better problem solvers. They are also very creative. They have a lot of interesting and amazing knowledge to share.

If your partner is a reader, you should consider yourself happy. They are a rare gem; never let them go. They, unlike anyone else, have challenged you and will help you become the best in your version.

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