Unpopular opinions are the right words

Hello. I came back again.

And today I will talk about unpopular opinions.

(Please don’t hate me for that)

So, first of all, A cruel prince just wasn’t that great.

I read it a few years ago and it turned out that way to me average. True, I’m not the biggest fan of fairy tales. It never completely rubbed me off and I actually avoid that genre where I can (except for ACOTAR, but I feel like ACOTAR is something different than a fairy tale book).

I’ve seen so many Jude and Cardan fanarts that almost tempted me to read the rest. Almost.

If the rest of the books are much better than the first book and I just don’t know, let me know.

Until then, my opinion remains.

Second, Silver Flame Court nor was it so great.

When I finished reading, I immediately wanted to give him 5 stars just for all my feelings.

But the more I thought about it, the lower my rating.

All the characters were amazing, but the storyline? Almost non-existent. Writing? Somewhat grim in some parts. Creating the world? Nothing we haven’t seen before.

It sounds harsh and it hurts my heart to criticize a book that I really enjoyed, but actually expected a lot more from ACOSF.

Third, I can’t put up fairy tales.

I would really like to know why I hate this genre so much.

The same is true of Disney, which creates live-action retellings rather than new original movies. Yes, Aladdin was beautiful and everything but Raya and the last dragon? I liked it a lot more than I ever wanted to retell a new direct action.

The same stories seem to be used over and over again, only with new twists, and I never liked that.

If you like this genre, this is amazing for you! You have a lot of books that make you happy, and that’s great.

But I will stay away from these retellings.

Finally, fourth, fantasy is more enjoyable than modern.

Maybe it’s a matter of age, but I think modern books are pretty boring. Some of the contemporary books I read were amazing and heartfelt, but they didn’t involve me as a fantasy. Perhaps this is because the modern books I have read have been very character-oriented, when I prefer books that have the same balance of characters and history.

Maybe someday I will prefer the modern genre, but today is not the day.


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