Twenty years of beef – terrible library books

A book of two centuries of beef cooking
The 100 largest beef dishes in America in the first 200 years
Beef Industry Council

I was in high school at a time when I had never forgotten the twenties of the United States. Almost every product produced seemed to have released a special version for two centuries, no matter what was produced. I think this cookbook was probably one of thousands of “special” cookbooks published in honor of the twentieth anniversary. (Last year I announced the twenty-year-old remnants of my weeding project.)

As you can see from the completely appetizing photos, you really lack serious culinary accents in the meat. Remember that the subheading is The 100 largest beef dishes in the first 200 years in America. I can imagine that great historical moment when George Washington asks Martha to make a blanket with a steak after that hard winter in Valley Forge.

Hopefully there will be better recipes when the thirties come in 2076.


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