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It’s a real thrill to show up Rose Garden Tracy Rees today because this is the first series of books I’m reviewing My weekly magazine for them online platform. I was very happy to be invited to review them. You can see the interview with me here ant My weekly Website.

I’m a huge fan of Tracy Rees’s writing and she showed up here Linda’s book bag many times.

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I reviewed Florence Grace here and I had an amazing Tracy guest post about the attractiveness of the C19 which you can read here.

Florence Grace was one of my books of the year in 2016. and you will see it here.

I also reviewed Tracy’s Hourglass here and Tracy was happy to give the guest a message about her memories of Richmond when Dear Blue has been published. Dear Blue is still in my TBR, but only reviewed more than a year ago House in Silvermoor here.

Rose Garden August 19 was published in the Pan Macmillan e-book, it is also available in paperback via links here.

Rose Garden

the rose garden

Every house has its own secrets. . .

Twelve-year-old Ottilie Finch London has an interesting playground. Her family recently arrived in Hamstead from Durham, in a cloud of scandal that Otty is blissfully unaware of. The only shadow of her days is her mother’s mysterious illness that keeps her in her room.

When a young local girl, Mabs, is offered the opportunity to become a companion to Mrs. Finch, it saves her from a desperate life on the canals. She doesn’t know that things aren’t as perfect as they seem. Mabs will soon be entangled in the secrets that haunted Finch from his last home and fall into an impossible dilemma. . .

My review of the rose garden

My full review Rose Garden can be found My weekly Website here.

But I can say that Rose Garden is a lavishly written historical drama that I adored, with bright and engaging characters, amazing circumstances, and a storyline that captivates the reader. I liked it!

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About Tracy Rees

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Tracy Rees was the first winner Richard and Judy are looking for a bestseller competition. She also won Love stories – the best historical reading award and was selected to RNA novel of the year. Tracy, a Cambridge graduate, successfully completed non-fiction literature before retraining for a second career practicing and teaching humanities counseling. She was also a waitress, bartender, shop assistant, real estate agent, class assistant, and workshop manager. Tracy divides her time between the Gower Peninsula in South Wales and London.

You can follow Tracy on Twitter @AuthorTracyRees or visit her Website More information. You will also find Tracy Instagram.

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