Toys for the start of the Tots 2021 Christmas holiday campaign

Toys for the start of the Tots 2021 Christmas holiday campaign

We all know about Tots toys. The campaign is just beginning. You can donate to the less fortunate across the country. U.S. Marines and more than 35,000 volunteers, millions of local sponsors, and hundreds of Toys for Tots business partners will help. You can too

2021 October 1 The Toys for Tots 2021 festive campaign for Christmas officially begins. U.S. Marines and volunteers will run 830 local toy collection and distribution campaigns in all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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What: Marines and volunteers who interact with local businesses, the media and individuals in their communities collect new, unpackaged toys and distribute these gifts to less fortunate children, allowing them to experience the joy of Christmas.

When: 2021 October 1 – 2021 December 25

Where: Toys for Tots runs 830 local campaigns in communities across the United States. Find a local TFT campaign near you by visiting our website at

Why: It is estimated that 15 million children live in poverty. The mission of Marine Toys for Tots is to bring the joy of Christmas to less fortunate children to convey a message of hope that will inspire young people to grow up to be responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. The goals include a positive impact on children’s development, building or restoring self-esteem, and bringing together elements of all communities for a common cause for three months each year.

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Contact: Ted Silvester, Colonel USMC (Rare)

Vice President of Marketing and Development

Sea Toys Foundation Tots Foundation

(703) 649-2021

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Tots toys continue to run on DoGoodNow

The 2020 ‘gift season’ started early for Toys for Tots due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences for families and children across the country. By partnering with Group Sales and Good360, we were able to expand our support during the off-season and show that Toys for Tots is more than a charity Christmas party for kids!

As Toys for Tots waited for our Christmas season, we knew we would face even more challenges. But despite the pandemic, our 808 local toys for Tots campaign coordinators and 26,000 volunteers across the country have adapted to the circumstances, overcome challenges and exceeded all expectations. We have seen tremendous generosity and support from American society, volunteers, Marines, and local community organizations. A record 20.2 million toys were distributed to 7.4 million less fortunate children – a remarkable achievement in “normal” times, but truly staggering during a pandemic.

Last year, in the heat of the pandemic, the support given to struggling families provided tremendous comfort and emotional relief. We recognize the importance of reminding children that simple gifts can still be enjoyed every day, and Toys for Tots was determined to send a message of hope to needy families year-round and continued DoGoodNow!

2021 April 19 Toys for Tots has announced that it will expand its efforts throughout the year to give hope to those who are lessMatt Strecker Photo

was lucky enough to plan ANOTHER special gift for children in need. 2021 In the summer, we provided a MILLION educational toys, books and games for children from COVID-19 affected families. While we all hoped the pandemic would soon appear in our rearview mirrors, we also realized that the emotional and educational impact on children would be long lasting. Less fortunate children were likely to experience the greatest loss of learning because they were unable to attend personal lessons in the classroom, so Toys for Children provided toys and books that teach to help them bridge the growing education gap and stimulate a young mind.

You can see some positive effects, but this distribution had its price. One million toys were to be used to supplement local toy collection and distribution facilities during the upcoming holidays.

Toys for Tots is now working to help sponsors “replenish Santa’s bag of toys” to respond to a request from ALL families with children seeking our support during the holidays. Help toys Tots fulfill the Christmas holiday dreams of millions of less fortunate children who might otherwise be forgotten – every child deserves a little Christmas.

About Tots Sea Toys

Toys for Tots, a 74-year-old national charity run by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, brings happiness and hope to less fortunate children during each Christmas holiday season. Toys, books, and other gifts collected and distributed by the Marines give these children recognition, confidence, and a positive memory for a lifetime. It is this experience that helps children become responsible citizens and caring members of their community. Last year, the Tots Sea Toys program fulfilled the hopes and dreams of 7.4 million less successful children on vacation in more than 800 communities across the country. Since 1947 More than 272 million children have been assisted. The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is a non-profit organization mandated by the U.S. Marine Corps and Department of Defense to provide fundraising and other necessary support to the annual Marine Reserve Tots toy program. For more information, visit

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