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The second book in the Skyward series, and I’m so glad I read it before the third book arrived. I know this is a series of four books, but this is the first series in a really long time when I was really fascinated!


All his life, Spensa dreamed of becoming a pilot. Prove that she is a hero, just like her father. She went to heaven, but the truths she learned about her father were crushing.

Spensa is sure there is more in history. And she is convinced that anything that happened to her father on his star ship could happen to her as well. When she got behind the protective shell of her planet, she heard the stars – and it was horrible. Everything Spensa taught about his world is a lie.

But Spensa has also discovered a few other things about herself – and, if necessary, she will travel to the end of the galaxy to save humanity.

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my thoughts

In many ways, I loved Starsight more than Skyward. Skyward was great at introducing Spensa and Detrito characters. I enjoyed learning about the world and meeting all the characters who will play a role. I especially liked the introduction of citonic powers and how Spensa has the opportunity to improve it. It was a bit of a spoiler, but it’s a second book, so I highly recommend reading the first book before.

At Starsight we go into space and OMG I lived for that. Although the book begins a little slowly as Spensa fights more Krell ships and realizes how they are all prisoners on a planet in prison, a small group of people living on that planet have finally realized they need to escape using hyperdrives. Krell ships enter and leave the Detritz area.

When a mysterious star fighter appears on the planet, Spensa and others find an opportunity to infiltrate Krello’s base and steal the hyperways they need to escape Detritz. Using holograms to disguise his identity, Spensa flies into Starsight, a huge spacecraft that accommodates many different alien species living under The Superiority. Here Spens is told that she is being taught to help destroy the goddesses; a shadowy creature that destroys everything in its path, which somehow began to show signs of threat again.

Okay, I’ve explained a lot, but this book needs to be unpacked so much that I had to explain the setup a bit before I started reading the rest of the book. I really enjoyed this story and I enjoyed delving into this world with different alien species and how they all co-exist. Of course, there was Krell, which we all know from the first book, but we are also introduced to many others with different gender identities, governmental aspects, and personalities from Detritz. It was really interesting to see all the other aliens occupying this space and how Brandon Sanderson delves into each type, including his history and traditions. I love this part of Brandon Sanderson’s writing. He is so capable of creating worlds that can never exist, but also a very deep awareness of how they exist, how they live their lives, and how they are not so different from us. This is one of the strongest components of this book.

And when Spensa starts training to defeat the delver, you get to know these characters much more deeply and how Spensa is able to learn and adapt to the world around her. Although the components of history teaching were a bit slow, I still enjoyed reading these parts and seeing how Spensa responds to different worlds and species in the universe. I liked what kind of person Spensa is and how frustratingly aliens are wrong about humanity.

But the most intriguing was the end when things started to go wrong and you understand everything better. You’ll learn what Krell uses for its hyper drives. You will learn about the larger storyline that is laid out for us. You will learn much more about what Spensa is capable of and how its humanity is actually contributing to the alien and its own rescue from greater danger. I also liked that a slight political intrigue was thrown into the mix.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. It was full of action from many expositions around the world. I enjoyed learning more about Starsight and the aliens that existed on the space station. I also love the spy story very much and I was completely on Spensa’s side the whole time, hoping it wouldn’t be caught too early or too late for her to do anything. It definitely prepares you for the third book, but it’s also just very good. I look forward to seeing what the third book has to offer.