The bookmark for Taylor Swift’s book “Evermore” is the right words

I didn’t even see that I was nominated for this bookmark, but thank you sweater feather for tagging me!

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willow // a book with a magical element or that enchants you:

Orange tree preference was a magical and wonderful reading from start to finish!

champagne problems // a book filled with brilliance and charm

image 2

I don’t know what to say here, but I’ve always imagined it Selection had a lot of charm because the girls had all the prince attached!

gold rush // book about unrequited love

image 3

I really felt sorry for Emilio Stikso house, he was madly in love with a girl who didn’t realize how much she loved her.

it’s a damn season // a book with holiday romance

I’ve never read a book with holiday romance, so I don’t have anything to put here.


tolerate it // a book you loved, but the sequel did not love you

image 4

The first book was nice, but the second was pretty boring to me; I don’t even remember what happened.

no body, no crime // book with murder to be solved

image 5

When a dead body is found in a garden near the party, Lily Adler and her friends have to find the killer. A fun, bite-sized mysterious novel that anyone can enjoy!

happiness // a book that broke your heart in a good way

image 6

Reading about Nesta’s journey to happiness, I cried cheerful tears for 600 pages!

dorothea // book with high school romance

image 7

An incredibly powerful book I couldn’t believe was a debut! The story focuses more on Leigh, but there is a certain romance between her and Axel.

Coney island // a book that can’t wait for it to be released

image 8


ivy // a book that understood you deeply

image 9

As I read about Malika and his panic attacks, I remembered that I was not alone with anxiety

a cowboy like me // western, or a book with western excitement

Again, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like this, so I don’t have anything to show.


long story // book up to 300 pages

image 11

Both feelings and little pages …

marjorie // a book with a strong family element

image 1

Yes, the main character is the villain. Yes, everyone in this book is morally gray. Yes, the family found in this book is amazingly healthy.

closing // a book you will never want to see again

image 12

Almost everything in this book was no-no to me. I understand what the author was aiming for, but I didn’t like this book at all.

forever // the book that healed you

image 13

I really don’t know why, but the way SJM writes the bows of characters breaks my heart, then sticks together over a few hundred pages. This book has pulled me out of the decline in reading, so I’m grateful for that!

where you left me // the book that left you in a serious decline in reading

image 14

Everyone likes this book, but I hate it and I really don’t know why. Not my cup of tea?

time to go // a book you just couldn’t finish

image 15

Interesting concept, boring execution.

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