Review: AR Capetta The Heartbreak Bakery

Heartbreak Bakery is charming. Full of recipes I have to bake now, and a story about a magical pastry, this one is so expensive. While there are heartbeats and tensions, I just smile as I read Heartbreak Bakery. Read this book review to get all my thoughts.


Sid (without pronouns, please) always baked big, hard-to-talk things. Being dumped is no different, except that Sid now bakes Proud Muffin in a strange bakery and community space in Austin. And everyone who eats Sydo partition cakes. . . broken. Even Vin and Alec, who own Proud Muffin. And their separation can take the bakery away. Being dumped is one thing; causing strange waves of heartache through the community is another. But the cute bike delivery man Harley (he or they, check the pronoun pin, it’s probably on the messenger’s bag) believes in Sidu about magical baking. And Harley believes that the magic of Sid’s baking can also solve everything – one recipe at a time.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This did not affect my review, which is impartial and fair.)

Not yet started Heartbreak Bakery I was already so excited. I was slowly reading more AR Capetta books, so this one was already on my radar. How could it not be? Magic pastries, recipes in a book and a strange modern! As soon as I started, I fell in love. Sid is just so charming and sociable. Mistaken from separation, Sid pours Sido’s feelings into these cakes, which ruin it. Ir Heartbreak Bakery it’s not just a correction of Sid’s mistakes, but a look at the relationship.

About the relationships that have always been on the slope. Or relationships that need to be well fought because apathy is worse. One of my favorite items was a testimony of other book relationships, mostly the ones Sid is trying to correct. But my favorite item was supposed to be Syd and Harley. Although their flirtation seemed a little soon, especially given Sydo’s separation, their tension, resentment, and acquaintance were invaluable. Don’t even understand me how much I loved Sido’s family!

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Heartbreak Bakery is so fascinating that it explores more difficult topics such as heart pain and change. It testifies to baking emotions, hopes and dreams. Find someone who accepts us. We can thus establish ourselves in our image think about it We want. But in the end, we can miss something real. Rasti Heartbreak Bakery are you in the mood for a weird modern man for bugs, baking, and a second chance. You can find it Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound, & Bookstore.


Do you have any other favorite YA baking books?

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