Previous years’ video technology – terrible library books

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The copy of this book I examined was PRISTINE. When something so old is in great shape, I immediately get suspicious. In my humble opinion, this copy has hardly been used in this library for nearly 40 years. I don’t have circulation numbers, but I bet my MLIS says it has less than 20 cash registers in 40 years. There are not so many stains on this cover or pages. Because it’s in such great shape, I bet librarians passed by and never looked at a bar date.

I can now show you the secrets to you young people Cathode ray tube. That was when there were real tubes on the TV. By the early 2000s, this technology began to decline as more efficient substitutes became popular. What particularly annoys me is that the video team didn’t bother wearing gloves or covering equipment. I think I should be glad they wore masks.

Let’s eradicate it and try something newer.


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