OVERVIEW: Historical Adventures, the World of Characters (1750–1900)

If you are interested in history, art, education and technology, today’s book is for you.

I’ve always wanted to learn about world history. It was not something that was taught in depth during my studies. My country’s curriculum was dedicated to their own history and several chapters on wars, the Renaissance, inventions, and the Industrial Revolution. I would like to know more about other countries, but it is very difficult to do so.

Then came this book, which I agreed to review with a heartbeat.

This post of mine may seem like a big commercial, but to me this book is amazing and can improve textbooks and education, which I really enjoy. I would love to support as much as I can.

I highly recommend visiting them Website where you can experience this incredible interactive book.

Adventures of History, the World of Characters (1750–1900)
according to Spencer Striker

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Summary of books

Looking for the best way to learn world history? Travel back to 1750-1900. Spend time with award-winning adventures in history and experience the stories of 5 amazing characters who lived in this dynamic period, animated with animation, interactivity and visual effects.

“The Adventures of History” is the first of its kind in which world history is examined in such a format that students do not want more. © Film Daily

History Adventures is a non-profit organization that creates a revolutionary interactive learning experience that will improve and broaden students’ understanding of the world around them.

Developed by Spencer Striker, Ph.D., the history of the world of history adventure takes education to a whole new level with 3D experiences, data visualizations, sound effects, and amazing graphics. The important thing is that at the end of each understanding, you will also be able to test your understanding by making multimedia-rich assessments.

History Adventures combines the latest innovations in mobile entertainment design and technology, including animation, music, motion and sound effects, and a powerful storytelling method that tells the stories of people of different ages and locations who have lived in the past centuries. , with an innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum optimized for digital learning.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

* A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review.

This book was created in the times of industrialization and global integration, 1750-1900.

It’s a very cool concept where you can interact with pages by tapping certain buttons to learn more, engage in a 3D experience, test your knowledge, and even listen to a historian add comments to a topic … it really changes the way you learn. We’ve often heard that the power of technology allows us to do amazing things, but does it? This may change the future of textbooks.

True, the book lives up to its name. It’s truly an adventure that travels from one country to another and even participates in the choice of the end of each story. Each story is short, covering 2 pages and a page where you can choose what happens next. You are transported to the stage and experience the story. In the next chapter, he’s not limited to characters and teaches more about the story through 3D experiences, brief notes, and even tests to remember what you’ve read.

I admire the incredible effort put into this book. Huge applause from the team, made up of very hard-working individuals from 6 continents who searched and collected historical documents, created incredible art and music while working on the technical side of the book. It’s amazing, and I really hope to help them make learning accessible to everyone.

This is a high quality book that I recommend to everyone. Here are links to help them create more accessible ways to learn history:

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