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Every second week of the month we read a collection of poetry. I have a lot of them and there will definitely be more on my blog in the future.

I’m afraid I’ll get into a certain niche in poetry because I love reading different genres and I need to change it, otherwise I’ll be insensitive. There will be many more in November and January, but not too much to flood you.

We hope.

are you suffering?
according to Guinevere Yoseyva,

gauk here

Summary of books

“Did you suffer?” is Guinevere Yoseyva’s first book of poetry, covering the year 2018. It is a manifestation of their attempt to work according to this thinking and live as a liberation of these emotions.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

* A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

“Did you suffer?” is a collection of poems centered on the theme of suffering of sadness, anger, loss, and betrayal. It’s personal and reflective, and it seems like I’m reading a blog.

It is a pleasure to read Yoseiva’s poetry. I liked the personification and the way the poet chooses to describe things. Unlike many poems that focus on images, the poet carefully chooses words that emphasize feelings. I have a few favorite lines, but especially the opening line below, even after weeks of reading my jaw drops.

the smiling moon
everyone is smiling
but I

Guinevere Yoseyva

I like the names. For me, it was the best part of this collection. I also enjoyed the way the writer uses text formatting to reinforce emotions and context, it’s always a pleasure to read such books.

However, I have minor issues with this book. There were a few poems that I didn’t understand because of the context (I don’t understand part of the jealousy of Paris Hilton ..?), So I couldn’t fully enjoy it. There were also minor spelling errors that went unnoticed, but this did not have a significant effect on reading.

Yoseyva is also an artist you can view and purchase here.