Our weekend reading is a novel by one of our favorite authors, and you need to order ONLY 99c / 77p!
Kayley Loring is always able to make us giggle while at the same time stunning and nurturing ourselves. Her books are funny, romantic, cute, sexy, and her characters always warm our hearts. Kayley’s books are our happy place! If you haven’t read any of the amazing books by this author, it’s you you really need to check them out!

The actor, the model and the younger man enter the therapist’s office … They’re all Dylan Brodie. It’s just funny if you’re not a single mom with whom he can’t stop flirting.
This is the second book in the Brodie Brothers series. We loved Owen’s book in funny business (see our review here), and Dylan’s story gives us serious knowledge 5 star mood! We love it so far!
. The serial date meets your single “Mum love”! Jokes and group texts between brothers and their parents are funny!
Pre-order here only for 99c / 77p! On October 7, the price will rise.

Want to know which books are in the October TBR?
Our Kindles have a real mixed bag waiting for us, and we look forward to losing ourselves at all!
For more information, review them below and click on the Pre-Order links.

October Anticipated

Lea Griffiths Kiss of a Blade (No Mercy Series # 4) – We look forward to returning to this addictive world !! Pre-order
Fable of Happiness Trilogy # 3 by Pepper Winters – it’s fabulously dark! Pre-order
Attachment Theory (Brodie Brothers # 2) by Kayley Loring – our current fabulous reading! Pre-order
Ring Nicola Haken bring me home – one of our most anticipated readings! We know it will tear our hearts to pieces.
Sarina Bowen’s Guy (Moo U Hockey) – We know that this author will present a fabulous hockey novel! Pre-order
Jew The Lost Fisherman (Fishermen’s Duo No. 2) by Jewel E Ann – Our next and most anticipated reading! Pre-order
Lilac Juniper, by Jane Harvey-Berrick – The epic love story of the war years. Pre-order
CarBook guy, author Carina Rose -This rom-com sounds like a great getaway! Pre-order