More teen anger #FridayFiction

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Today we have more teen anxiety about #fridayfiction. Pat and Lolly met in kindergarten. The story is told by Pat. Using class photos from each year, Pat describes in detail the rocky path of this friendship. Pat is from a single parent household, and Lolly is from a wealthy family. Lolly’s mom isn’t a big Pat fan until she chooses gifted / talented classes. Pat was popular at first and by the time high school rolled out, Lolly was a beauty.

For the high school crowd, this is the drama that most girls can relate to at this age. I don’t think there’s a living woman (maybe guys?) Who didn’t worry about who they are and where they fit. Is the book good? When I looked at the reviews, it was a mixed bag. The premise was good, but it seemed to many that the book was nowhere to be found. In my abduction, it was a good premise, but I wasn’t sucked in and didn’t finish.


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