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In Burton’s latest romantic thriller, we meet Detective Jordan Poe. A top-level detective, but stubborn because the day is long. After her mother’s death, Jordan took care of her younger sister Avery. Since then, their lives have not been easy. Avery interacted with the wrong crowd and soon became involved in drugs. The turning point when her life was back on track was the day Jordan found her tied up, wrapped in plastic and left to suffocate.

Two years later, Jordan visited the crime scene and found the victim tied up, tightly wrapped in plastic, and clogged. She then found another victim killed in the same way. Immediately her thoughts returned to the day she saved her sister. She admitted that the murders reflect the way she found her sister two years ago. The only difference is how her sister lived. As a result, the case has become personal, so you can imagine her upset when she learned that the case would be taken over by Texas Ranger Carter Spencer.

I enjoyed the story from beginning to end. Tension kept me on the edge of the seat. The crime scenes are sad and certainly not from the heart. The Jordanian captain removed her from the case, but she went and conducted her own investigation. Eventually she and Jordan became a team. I liked how well they worked together, even after the attack left her blind.

Although romantic tensions were advertised, there was no romance. First, I never felt the chemistry between Jordan and Spencer. Also, the expressions of feelings were not portrayed until the very end and this did not feel authentic.

I had a correct understanding of the identity of the villain. Given the nature of the victims, it was not too difficult to figure out who and why. But it would have been nice to have a back story of the offender. I never understood his motive and what forced him to do such atrocities.

The story

It was the first time I had experienced the whole actor’s story, and I liked it. I’ve listened to Hillary Huber before, but the other narrators were new to me. They all did an amazing job of reviving the story and the characters. I would definitely listen to them again.

Conclusion / Recommendation

Despite the problems I faced with romance and the lack of a violent back, I liked on Don’t Watch Now. It seemed to me that the tension was well done, especially in the place where the end was approaching. For readers who love mystery, tension, and grim crime scenes, “Don’t Look Now” would be a great addition to their reading list.

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About Mary Burton

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Mary Burton loves to write tension, get to know her characters, keep up with law enforcement and forensic procedures, morning walks, baking and small dachshunds. She also loves to hunt serial killers, doing so in her New York Times and USA Today bestsellers. The Library Journal compared her work to Lisa Jackson and Lisa Gardner, and Fresh Fiction compared her writing to that of James Patterson. In terms of research, she is known to take a practical approach, whether it interviews professionals, attends forensic seminars, or studies evidence gathering and analysis. Mary is consistently ranked among the top ten Amazon author rankings by tension, romantic tension, and thriller. Her most recent titles are “Don’t Look Now, Near You,” “Never Look Back,” “I See You,” “Hide and Seek,” “Cut and Run,” and her last word consistently ranks high on the Kindle e-bookstore’s bestseller. She is a winner of the Montlake Romance Diamond Award, which means she has reached a million readers. Mary, a native of Richmond, lived most of her life in Central Virginia. She is a graduate of Hollins University, Virginia and worked in marketing before publishing her first book in 2000. Today, she is the author of thirty-seven published novels and five novels like Mary Burton, and eight works of contemporary fiction like Mary Ellen Taylor. Winter cottage, spring house, honeymoon season and the upcoming words “We whisper”. She is the editor of Deadly Southern Charm, A Lethal Ladies Mystery Anthology. She is a member of international thriller writers, Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, Novelists, Inc. and Romance Writers of America. When she doesn’t do research or visit with readers in bookstores, book festivals and conferences, Mary remains a housewife. She and her husband spend time alternately enjoying an empty nest and spoiling their four-legged babies Buddy, Bella and Tiki.

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