Louise Mey’s The Second Woman is a book review

2nd blurb“It simply came to our notice then. This is allowed.
She sometimes does that, some days she doesn’t count. “

Sandrine is the legal secretary. She is bright but very lonely. She has no self-esteem and is severely emotionally damaged by a violent childhood and unloving her parents. Sandrine avoids mirrors and disgusts her reflection. When she sees a man on television asking for the whereabouts of a missing wife, her heart descends on him. ‘A man who cries“, With a young son…

Sandrine meets her husband and gets involved in his life. She moves in and guards his house and takes care of his departed young son Mathias. She likes Mathias very much, but the boy looks at her a little cautiously and speaks little.

The man is very in control. He monitors her movements, food consumption, email. Mail, bank accounts. As a result, Sandrine is uncomfortable with him due to the many rules and pontifications. However, she is satisfied until one day the “first woman”, the wife of a “crying man”, returns to bring her son.

This is a whole new scenario. The Crying Man turned into Mr. Langlois.

“She tells herself that sometimes the body dances further
when the head forgot the steps ”.

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I attended a Pushkin Press reading on the title and it was very interesting to hear other readers ’thoughts on the novel.

It was an intense story that was often uncomfortable to read. Nevertheless, I was immersed in Sandrine’s unacceptable situation. At first it seemed to me that her constant self-deprecation was frustrating, but when I got to know her better, I liked her a little more and sympathized with her fate. At the end of the book, I liked Sandrine.

abuseIt’s a disturbing portrait of spousal abuse. It’s about coercion, manipulation, control of another person. Mr. Langlois was a cruel egoist, an owner with absolutely no empathy. Sandrine learned to be obedient, quiet, and to understand every nuance of HIS mood and manners.

I liked how Sandrine took care of the little boy and how she learned the limits of her strength.

The ending was appropriate, though to some it may seem a little ambiguous. I think that in this case, the reader must decide for himself certain aspects of the decision. Your heart can be healthier.

The Second Woman was a great reading that will remain in my memory for a while. Highly recommended.5 stars fadd goodreads1This review was written voluntarily and my evaluation was not affected in any way by the fact that I received a free digital copy of this novel from Pushkin press per NetGalley so I can participate in reading the name on Instagram.

Publication date: 2021 September 2 Publisher: Pushkin’s dizziness

ISBN: 9781782277156 – 304 pages

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written with french flagslouise meyLouise Mey is the Paris – based author of contemporary noir novels dealing with domestic violence and sexual violence and harassment, often of a feminist orientation. The Second Woman is her fourth novel, but the first is translated into English.

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The second woman“The value of the French language Louise Rogers Lalaurie.


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