Literati Book Club Subscription: Review and Unpacking!

I saw these amazing turquoise colors Literary Book Club boxes around, but this subscription book club really didn’t catch my eye until I found out about the fantastic authors and luminaries supervising their choices.

When I was offered the opportunity to review a Literates box, I took the opportunity. So, before you start – thank you Literates, sponsors of this post, for the opportunity to view the book club and a free 1 – month subscription Literates!

Quick pickup

Literates is a monthly book club curated by luminaries (e.g. Susan Orlean, Roxanne Gay, Elin Hilderbrand, Stephen Curry, t Literates phone app or through the browser version).

  • Choose from supervised selection from a variety of lighting fixtures (basically world leaders, celebrities and authors)
  • Well designed, easy to use, very active discussion forum. Mark your progress to avoid spoilers by limiting yourself to read-only parts!
  • Get access to the discussion all book selections (not just the selected book)
  • Access to some lively debate (usually a one-on-one discussion between the enlightener and the author of the chosen book)
  • While I don’t think it replaces a reliable personal book club, it can be a great addition to your next book club.
  • basics of literature

What’s in the box?

Your monthly Literates the book club set comes in these cute, recyclable boxes.

literary books club box

Mano Literates Book club box

Inside is book, a tab, a note from your Luminary about that choice of books, and a booklet with an overview of all the books for that month.

Literary Book Club: September  Susan Orlean selection

My September choice from Susan Orlean

As for the discussion of the book itself, it all happens Literates Application or browser discussion forums.

literary program

Literati application

Browser forums

Browser forums

Who is in charge Literates Choosing a book club?

There are many options for lighting fixtures to suit different tastes, genres and moods. I showed the list (below) from 2021. In September, however, new luminaires are added over time check their website be notified of new additions!

My personal favorite is Susan Orlean. Her choices are usually popular names that tend to be more literary and sophisticated. It also has such a thoughtful mix of newer titles and several backlist-type books that provide a great reading experience.

This means that if you’re not in the mood for what the enlightened people chose for that month, you can change your “main book club” at any time (such as the club you get from that month). time to see a selection of any of these luminaires:




To understand the book’s variations, here are some October choices:

Literature October Selection

Literates 2021 October selection

Fantastic, curated selection of books! My favorite thing about Literates is a selection of star books. Just by looking at the list of books I see so much I know it’s fantastic books.

Also, book clubs disappoint me when the book we read isn’t really what interests me. As mentioned earlier, the nice thing about a Literati subscription is that you can switch to another luminaire (as the “main book club”) at any time if you want it to be that.

Extensive, active discussion of books No matter how much I love my book club, there are definitely discussions that are stronger than others (often depending on who and how many people have managed to read the book). With Literates, this will not be a problem. With an active place for conversation about choice, you can be sure that you will find a thorough and satisfying discussion of the book you have read.

Book club for your busy schedule If you are tired of reading a book for a book club to realize that the job is too busy and you can’t meet the book club, then Literates is for you. Discuss when you feel comfortable.

Who should miss this?

Book collectors should know that while these are high quality hardcover books, most of them look like book club book editions (hence a circle logo / label printed on the cover). And remember, these are not signed passes.

For people who are happy with their personal book clubs, I would probably just recommend Literates By the way as opposed to replacement your personal book club. After all, while the discussions about books are very solid, I don’t think they completely replace all the friendship and friendliness that comes from a group of close friends reading together.

People who like “lighter” read it can be harder to find books they like. Some lighting fixtures (like Elin Hilderbrand) offer a few, but I hope Literates introduces several more fixtures that will connect to a few more faster readings or beach coziness – type books. Current selections are more prone to serious / literary titles. However, they are still adding new fixtures, so over time this can be less of a problem!

Final thoughts

Literates would be a great book club choice for most people, and I would definitely recommend checking it out for at least a month (that’s less than $ 30 a month) if you think it might be on your street.

What attracts me the most is the great selection of books, the very lively discussion and the flexibility of it all. I imagine this would be a good primary book club for people who haven’t found or are too busy for a personal book club, and a great addition for those who just read a lot of books in general.

I would like to see them implement stronger features in their discussion forums. For example, they could try something like how Reddit commentators can get Karma or awards that appear on their profile. It would also be nice to show things like the most voted comments on profiles as well so that people can show up.

In general, I don’t know of a better online book club subscription for people who like more literary, thoughtful books. Literates it’s also still pretty new, so I’m sure there will be more good things in the future, and I’m curious to see how that develops!

You can find Literati here!