In the Home of Dreams Memories of Carmen Maria Machado

Carmen maria machado

In what other world does she live in the present and her past. Carmen Maria “Home of Dreams – Memories” In Machado, she tells her story about several life choices she made during her life when she “lived” her life. Something that can excite or disturb some. Violent same-sex relationships. Carmen has made friends and lovers during her time on earth and is still strong, as well as the various issues she and her “friends” must strive to discover and accept, from her childhood choices to the adult choices they have made and will make in the present for the future.

In The Dream House AMemoir is a book that uses language that only adults should see, but the kind of life Carmen married and now lives in may be acceptable to adult readers.

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It is a book for counselors and social workers working with the LGBT and Q communities to use. The footnotes of the book have helped to better understand the choices she has made and still makes. How Machado formed his chapters in this memoir was interesting with all references and footnotes.

Home of Dreams is a book about a lifestyle that makes a person happy. It’s a bit of a quick read with short chapters and written in a magazine format. One suggestion I would like to give to Carmen was another word that you could use instead of one four-letter word (f ***). It’s definitely an adult reading for college students trying to see where they fit to make a variety of friends and relationships

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Greywolf Press
ISBN: 978-1-64445-073-4
252 pages

about the author

Carmen Maria Machado’s debut collection of short stories “Her Body and Other Parties” was a finalist for the National Book Prize and a winner of the Bardo Fiction Prize. Lambda Literary Prize for lesbian fiction, The Brooklyn Public Library Literature Prize, the Shirley Jackson Prize, and the John Leonard Prize of the National Book Critics Circle. 2018 The New York Times included her body and other parties in The New Vanguard, one of “15 amazing women’s books shaping the reading and writing of fiction in the 21st century.”

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