Friday Fiction: Did I Say Anything?

Was that something I said?

Today we have another special teenage title straight from the eighties. 16-year-old Bonnie is small. Also, she was just thrown out by her boyfriend, saying she just looks too young. Apparently, the guy was ashamed because the last time he went to the movies, the cashier asked if he wanted to buy her a child ticket.

Meanwhile, everyone at the school is worried about the school fair and the sorcerer at the stand of the Oracle of Delphi. Bonnie BFF, Anne, was scheduled to be a wizard, but eventually fell ill. She asked Bonnie to cover up. No one knew that Bonnie was covering up and the wealth she was telling her was gaining her life. All sorts of dramas emerge like a cute boy next door, Mitch is obsessed with his fake wealth about Bonnie. Anne is running for school board chair, a boy named Carson enters the picture, and her family adopts a dog. It is a continuous action from cover to cover.

It was really outdated, but it was actually cute. The plot is smart and Bonnie begins to realize that she needs to accept herself as she is.


back cover

mysterious woman

Chapter 5