Dan Abnett – Regia Occulta Audiobook

Dan Abnett – Regia Occulta Audiobook (Warhammer 40,000)

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Regia Occulta Audiobook


The wall surfaces of entirely 2- thirds of the stake- hall were filled out with gold names. As both tipping captains in their glossy white plate drew in closer to the strategium end, the wall surface boards ended up being bare, uninhabited. They passed a group of hooded necrologists gathered by the last, fifty percent- filled up panel, that were thoroughly stencilling brand name- brand-new names onto the dark timber with gold- dipped brushes.

The present dead. The roll phone call from the High City battle.

The necrologists quit working as well as bowed their heads as both captains passed. Regia Occulta Audiobook Free. Torgaddon didn t extra them a 2nd look, nevertheless Loken wanted to have a look at the fifty percent- writ names. A few of them were brothers from Locasta he would certainly never ever see one more time.

He may scent the tangy oil suspension of the gold- leaf the necrologists were making use of.

Maintain, Torgaddon groaned.

High doors, lacquered gold as well as crimson, stood closed at the end of the Chance Hall. Before them, Aximand as well as Abaddon were waiting. They were additionally entirely armoured, their heads bare, their brush- crested helms held under their left arms. Abaddon s excellent white shoulder plates were curtained with a black wolf- pelt.

Garviel, he smiled.

It doesn t do to keep him waiting, Aximand whined. Loken wasn t certain if Little Horus suggested Abaddon or the leader. What were you 2 gabbing pertaining to? Like fish- other halves, both of you.

I was just asking him if he d cleared up Vipus in, Torgaddon claimed simply.

Aximand eyed Loken, his broad- established eyes sleepily half- hooded by his covers.

Along with I was guaranteeing Tarik that I had, Loken consisted of. Relatively, Torgaddon s relaxed heads- up had really been for his ears just.

Permit s get in, Abaddon claimed. He boosted his gloved hand in addition to pressed the gold in addition to crimson doors substantial.

A brief processional ordinary prior to them, a twenty- metre columns of ebon rock chased after with a decoration of silver wire. It was lined by forty Guardsmen of the Imperial military, individuals of Varvarus s extremely own Byzant Janizars, twenty versus each wall surface area. They were wonderfully marked in complete outfit outfits: extensive lotion greatcoats with gold frogging, high- crowned chrome helms with basket visors in addition to scarlet cockades, as well as matching sashes. Dan Abnett -Regia Occulta Audio Book Online As the Mournival came via the doors, the Janizars presented their sophisticated power lances, starting with both straight inside the entrance. The sleek blades of the devices whirled up right into area in collection, like going after dominoes along the processional, each encountering set of devices securing right into establishing right before the marching captains surpassed the rise.

The last set entailed salute, eyes- front, in finest technique, in addition to the Mournival tipped past them onto the deck of the strategium.

The strategium was a superb, semi- round system that anticipated like a lip out over the tiered theater of the front runner s bridge. A lot listed below lay the significant command level, thronging with hundreds of uniformed employees as well as burnished assistant servitors, little bit as ants. To either side, the – hive below- decks of the additional systems, put on gold as well as additionally black ironwork, climbed, past the level of the projecting strategium, up right into the roofing covering itself, each flooring hectic with Navy employees, drivers, brainwork law enforcement agent as well as additionally astropaths. The front location of the bridge chamber was a fantastic, displayed home window, where the constellations as well as the ink of location might be observed. The requirements of the Luna Wolves as well as additionally the Imperial Fists hung from the curving roof, either side of the looking eye banner of the Warmaster himself. That outstanding banner was substantial, in gold string, with the mandate: I am the Emperor s Wariness as well as the Eye of Terra.
Loken bore in mind the honor of that august icon with fulfillment throughout the outstanding accomplishment after Ullanor was done.

In all his years of solution, Loken had actually just hopped on the bridge of the Vengeful Spirit two times formerly: as quickly as to officially accept his promo to captain, as well as after that one more time to note his elevation to the captaincy of the Tenth. The variety of the area took his breath away, as it had actually done both times in the past.

The strategium deck itself was an ironwork system which sustained, at its centre, a round dais of degree, incomplete ouslite, one metre deep in addition to 10 in dimension. The leader had really continuously shunned any kind of sort of throne or seat. The ironwork stroll location around the dais was half- trailed by the overhang of tiered galleries that went up the slopes of the chamber behind it. Gazing up, Loken saw huddles of senior iterators, tacticians, ship captains of the exploration fleet as well as additionally numerous other notables collecting to see the procedures. He looked for Sindermann, however couldn t find his face.