Create opportunities to help Liverpool’s young people prepare for employment

We welcome a successful and exciting project offering training and personal development opportunities for Liverpool’s young people to help them improve their employability and life skills.

Young people participating in the program can learn about project management, obtaining funding, and business planning, as well as gain practical skills such as gardening, carpentry, and facility management. They also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the day-to-day management of the organization and its social enterprise Calderstones, which support our charitable work with communities across the UK.

Project approved Steve Morgan Foundation and Community Match Challenge – part of the government 750 mln. The pound sterling support package for charities #CommunitiesCan, which aims to reach 16-24 year olds from across the Liverpool region who are facing severe challenges and need additional support such as accommodation, welfare, finance and training.

(LR: Jack Collings, Jane Davis and Greg Harwood-Jenkins)

Our young people mentor Greg Harwood-Jenkins said: “We recognize that some are young
people need help finding their goal or passion, so this project aims to give a really lot of opportunities to give them more opportunities and enlighten them.

“We really want to change their lives by training and supporting them in a well-designed program where they acquire real-life skills that they can use in the workplace.”

We work with local organizations Strawberry field, Liverpool City Council leaves
Maintenance team, Local solutions and Thrive, for young people to take part in the project and to provide ongoing support so that project participants have a positive and meaningful journey.

Alan Triggs, Strawberry Field Program Manager, said: “It is a pleasure to work with The Reader to help and empower young people with learning difficulties and other barriers to employment to make their dreams come true. The values ​​of compassion, generosity and inclusion in the strawberry field are so in line with The Reader’s vision and values. We look forward to further developing our relationship and sharing our success. “

To date, more than ten young people have benefited from the scheme, and six are now employed by us.

Jack, who joined the project in March and now works as an assistant, said: “I felt supported from day one and my place was completely formed around me. For the first time in my life, I have a structure, I’m surrounded by people I can trust, and I feel like I’m just starting my life. ”

The project is a natural extension of our work in supporting the health and well-being of disadvantaged families. We have an increasing number of innovative children and youth projects ranging from 1: 1 reading with supervised children across Merseyside to workshops for partners and parents to inspire and increase confidence in reading with children across Merseyside and Cheshire. .

Shared reading is at the heart of all our actions, so it will be beneficial for all participants to participate in shared reading sessions throughout their practice.

Jane Davis, founder and director of The Reader, said: “Shared reading helps to improve well-being and can create a sense of voice as well as develop social connections in real life. The young people involved in the project tell us that it enriches their lives with some of the practical skills they develop. ”

We always want to explore opportunities with new partners as part of our ongoing work helping young people in the Liverpool metropolitan area and beyond. To learn more, email Email [email protected]