Classic Squad: Housekeepers Nemesis is a novel written by Australian author Rosemary K. Tompkins. It’s a story about finding love, with a few twists. The story revolves around three main characters: Floyd, a widow who misses his wife very much. Traveling seller. Irene Munster, a neighbor desperately trying to get Floyd’s romantic attention – though it soon becomes clear that her motive is more than just romance. The last protagonist is Mabel Tuttle, an amazing housewife from Floyd. Also most important in this story is the collection of dolls and stuffed animals. These toys were greatly appreciated by Betty, the late wife of Floyd. Each doll has its own name and personality, but is also called The Classy Squad. There are also several auxiliary actors who interact with the main actors, giving them depth and authenticity. The personalities of the main characters develop through dialogue with each other and internal monologues. Personalities also emerge through the actions of the characters – both people and toys!

Classic Squad: Housekeepers Nemesis has an easy-to-follow structure. The novel is divided into chapters and each chapter is from the point of view of a different character. The story follows a chronological order, and the organization of the narrative shows very clearly who is telling the story in each chapter. The story is basically Floyd’s house, garden, and immediate neighborhood. Each setting is described in great detail, from jasmine in Floyd’s garden to a pink and green cushion sitting on one of his spare beds. Descriptions of antique dinner sets, teapots, and napkins help draw the reader into the story and revitalize it. Tompkins appeals not only to the reader’s sense of sight, but also to the sense of smell, describing the heavenly scents of garden flowers and homemade dishes.

Classic Squad: Housekeepers Nemesis is an interesting story with interesting characters and a plot that has enough mystery and intrigue to set this story apart from other romantic stories.

Pages: 346 ISBN: 1456637991

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