Christmas Book Flood Gifts Week 6 – The Book Review Team

Jólabókaflóðið or in English; The flood of Christmas books that began in 1944. during World War II, when Iceland regained its independence from Denmark. Paper was one of the few things that was not standardized during the war, so Icelanders further shared their love for books because other gifts were lacking. During the festive period, gifts open on December 24th.

The Book Review Crew decided to incorporate this wonderful tradition, but in a different way. On our social networks every week from September 6th. Until December 6. We will announce a new gift. You will have the opportunity to purchase a book and some chocolate goodies at Christmas. We will also share some excerpts about the books and the amazing authors who wrote them!

Enter below!

A flood of Christmas books with the book review team

Multiple entries available

US only

Winners will be announced each week for our social prizes, which will be sent out in December.

Join us for all the first few weeks of gifts! Good luck!


Week 1: Dawn B.
Week 2: Craig S.
Week 3: Deborah D.
Week 4: William S.
Week 5: Elizabeth N.

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