Blog Tour Review: Forrest for the Trees (Green Valley Heroes # 1) by Kilby Blades

Forest behind the trees, the all-new slow-burning romance of a small town from Kilby Blades is live on Kindle Unlimited!

I received this book from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour Review: Forrest for the Trees (Green Valley Heroes # 1) by Kilby BladesForest behind the trees Series: Heroes of the Green Valley # 1
Posted by Smartypants Romance 2021 September 28
Genres: Modern romance for adults
Pages: 350
Source: publisher
Format: Electronic kitchen
My rating: three and a half stars


Forrest Winters is not just a federal fire marshal; he is on the side of the thorn Ranger Sierra Betts. The way he swings a big ax, corrects it with his gray chameleon eyes, and talks about his jurisdiction can ruin its concentration. He has a way to show up wherever he doesn’t belong, including Greenbrier Ranger Station. And he really needs to stop stealing her bites of fat.

When a series of suspicious fires, an inexperienced collaborator and a tough Park Police chief threaten her job and the park itself, Sierra reluctantly agrees to cooperate with Forrest. A side examination of them may be her best attempt to prevent an innocent person. But can his fire-fighting experience and detective skills bring them to the real arsonist before Forrest breaks her charm?

Forrest for the Trees is a full-length contemporary romance that can be read in its own right and is the first book in the Green Valley Heroes series, the Green Valley Chronicles, and the Penny Reid Book Universe.

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– Do you walk with bacon in your pocket or similar? Sierra asked.

Forrest last rubbed Everest and got up. “I think it’s just a good, old-fashioned southern charm.”

Reaching his face, he pushed the sunglasses temple until they sat on his head. Forrest looked down at her, smiling on his face as usual, amused. Only the Sierra had nothing amused by the heat that rose to his ears every time a gaze fell on her, obscuring her thinking with smoky eyes.

Forrest’s eyes were not just gray and not just “eyes.” His gaze was penetrating and clear, his dark lashes matching his dark hair. His irises were never the same, no matter what their hue at any given moment, a dark charcoal ring that looked like a drawn pencil drew a lighter color and increased intensity. Today, they shone brightly – the wet slate color – a stark difference from the last time she saw it. They became as dark as slate when he talked about fires. Watching them change was something miraculous, magical and disastrous.

– What are you doing in my forest neck?

Forrest laughed and crossed his arms. – Your forest again, isn’t it?

Sierra reflected his posture. “The neck of the forest is southernism. i know how all as your sayings. “

He laughed again, his voice rich and deep – another thing she had a bad habit of repeating in her mind.

“Better than a pig likes to have fun.” Forrest’s eyes flickered.

This made Sierra grateful for her own sunglasses – windows to the soul and all. She didn’t want to think about what Forrest might notice if he actually saw her. He would never stop getting angry if he knew about her sensitivity to his seduction.

“You never said what you were doing here,” she stressed.

“Observing some potential fire hazards. Just be vigilant. You know how yra ”

Sierra nodded. “I’m doing.”

“I was just at the ranger station …” he stopped. “I wanted to thank you for what you left – you know, mine fire marshal snacks. “

Sierra dipped her lip in front of her smile. – You liked it, didn’t you?

“It’s not just me. The guys thought it was pretty funny. “

“You told me you could read, so I understood …” She retreated innocently and shrugged.

After the last conversation and his repeated, deliberate ignorance of her Tupperware, labeled Ranger Snacks, she brought in a smaller Tupperware labeled “Fire Marshal’s Snack.”

“Sad, but another fire marshal really beat me,” he continued. “Imagine my frustration when I opened the container and it was empty.”

“Oh, no!” She pretended to shock. “What did you do?”

“He picked up the phone and called Ed Ellis. He asked him to release the APB so he could identify who was biting something. “

– Then I guess the bite for the ranger.

He created the build, looking confused. “They’re not as good as the fire marshal’s bites, but I had no choice.”

He didn’t let go of her gaze. When the heat in her ears rose again, she knew she had to go. Also, if she didn’t move, she would definitely be late.

“Nice to see you, Marshal Winters.”

His smile dissolved to half a smile. – Always nice, Ranger Betts.


My review:

For the most part, I really enjoyed the story. There was much tension between Sierra and Forrest to keep the story going. I also like how many twists and turns the secrets we had in history with who lit the fire turned. I was really very interested in trying out the different snacks that Sierra will make and bring. And how cool it was when we got the prescription for Patreon! I’m going to make them very soon.

It was fun with all the different places in the Green Valley and the people who visited this story. I liked the many ways the characters had their lives, but they were also ready for relationships in their own way.

But I was a little upset that he was upset with her, as in the end. As soon as he danced and walked so fast, it was a little hypocritical, though perhaps he deserved so fast. The furious scenes we still got fit me. And a few times I thought we were telling a little more than we’re showing, but overall the story was good and I look forward to more of this series in the future!

About the author:


Kilby Blades is a In the US today The best-selling author of novels and women’s fiction. Her debut novel, Snapdragon, was a finalist of the HOLT medallion, a Publisher Weekly BookLife Prize Semifinalist and IPPY Award Medalist. Kilby was awarded the RSJ Emma Award for Best Debut Author in 2018, and critics were praised for ‘facilitating feminism and equality in her novels’ (IndieReader) and ‘writing characters who complement each other like a great wine, eat well’ (Publisher Weekly).

During her career as a digital marketing manager, she was moonlight as a journalist, freelance as a food, wine and travel writer, and lived as an entertainment reviewer. She has lived in five countries, visited for more than twenty-five and spends part of her years in her happy place in the Andes. Kilby is a feminist, enophile, cynephile, a fighter for social justice and, most importantly, a devotee of a good history. Follow her everywhere @kilbyblades.

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