An honest and free review of the Literati Book Club

Overview and breakdown of Literati Book Club

What is Literati?

Simply put, Literates is a hybrid book subscription service with a Book Club element. In addition to the Book Club element, it differs from many book subscription services in that selections are selected based on what they call enlightened – authors, activists, and other influential people who lead the Book Club discussion each month. in the program.

(They also have Literati Kids, but this review is for the adult book club Literati).

How does Literati work?

When you join a club (or receive a gift subscription), you will receive one book per month from the club of your choice. After registering, you can read about each of the 13 clubs and their host Luminaries. You will then be able to select a selection for that month.

When it comes to your choice, the fun part really begins! Download Literates the app and the book club of your choice will be uploaded where you can chat with other members AND the manager of the book club of your choice. You also have access to other book club discussions in the app.

In the middle of the month, it’s time to choose an option for the next month where you can either stick to the club of your choice OR choose a new book club to join that month!

How much does Literati cost?

If you pay for a subscription annually, it costs $ 25 per month ($ 299 per year). If you want to have a monthly plan, the club costs $ 29 per month.

My experience with the first Literati box + what I chose

A few months ago, before I got my first box, I actually took part in this quiz to help you choose which Luminary book club would be great for you. I think I drank twice and got Steph Curry both times. While he had great choices in the past and I love his intentions for the club, I wasn’t particularly happy with this month’s choice, so I started reading about each club and what it was.

Choosing my Literati Book Club selection

It was very difficult for me to choose between clubs, not only because there were so many “Lights” people I admire and knew, but also because their book club missions really spoke to me. I had quite a few that interested me.

Finally, I couldn’t narrow down:

  • Cheryl Strayed’s Wild readings book club -this club highlights beautifully written books that excited and inspired Cheryl Strayed. Read heart-guided personal journeys turned into stories of courage, vulnerability, and wit, then discuss them together to find common ground and new perspectives. These stories are for those looking for inspiration, local adventures, and a new connection to their inner fire.
  • Malala Fearless book club – This book club reinforces the voices that the world too often abandons. Malala showcases stories that introduce you to characters who conquer your heart and show the world through new cultural lenses. Expect to meet new writers and bold characters – women with bold ideas.
  • Jesymn Ward Voice dialingbook club – Here are such real worlds, they feel like home. Here are the rich voices of joy and narration. This book club celebrates cultural outsiders whose words flare up on the page and take you to a time or place you’ve never experienced before. Not like that. Sit with us on this virtual porch, here, in this imaginary pine-covered clearing, and listen. Embrace the songs told by the Jesmin literary family.
  • Susan Orlean Private collection book club – This book club showcases many books from Orleans ’personal library. Explore sincere stories about identity, historical fiction, and creative non-fiction together. You can expect to read amazing writing and memorable stories that you won’t want to dismiss.
  • Kelly McGonigal A team of joy book club This book club will help you discover effective strategies to bring more joy, compassion and resilience into your life. Feel a connection with something greater than you with books exploring our ability to find hope, courage, and belonging.

What I finally chose

I love Cheryl Strayed, Susan Orlean, and Jesymn Ward as writers, as well as the mission of each of their clubs, but I’ve already had or read each of their selections this month. So that’s what Malala and Kelly McGonigal left (which I don’t really know, to be honest).

Finally, I chose the Kelly McGonigal Club and her selection, The Art of Gathering.

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I was interested in Malala’s choice (girl A), but decided to give up what I usually read and go with Kelly because I liked the idea of ​​her club, but it was also a non-fiction book that I don’t know if I would pick it up myself.

I once got a book

I downloaded the app while I waited for my book to appear. It was an easy experience when everything was fixed using the app. I liked how it was laid out and how there is a place for “Before Reading” to talk before I start reading. In my opinion, the interface of the program is great and easy to navigate.

Then the book came out! The packaging was really cute, and the book was accompanied by a tag, an inscription from your Luminary, and a small catalog of all the monthly selections with spills about them (which I thought was a nice touch).

A few days later, I started reading and was able to join a really nicely laid out discussion. My impression, so far with this club, is that the discussion so far is thoughtful.

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