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Friends, I can help you share with such excitement reveal cover because of All signs indicate yes a anthology of YA stories of love for each star sign, edited by Cam Montgomery, Adrianne White, and g. haron Davis!

If you know me, you will know that I have a soft spot for anthologies. Give me anthologies of creative topics, provide stories that show the beauty and diversity of our experiences and lives. From ad for All signs show yes last year, I am looking forward to any updates on this anthology. I am referring to an anthology exploring different types of love, where stories are inspired by the signs of all the stars and with an exciting group of star contributors? I couldn’t have been more excited. And today I have the privilege of sharing the cover of one of the most anticipated books of 2022!

Here is a summary of the book:

An oral anthology of stars that gives a love story to each star sign right from the hearts of thirteen multicultural YA authors.

The Cursed Aquarius finds love behind the curtain. An ambitious Aries will do anything to stay in the spotlight. Food Taurus discovers the best food in town (with a romance side). Witches Cancer comes under curious consent.

Whether it’s romantic, platonic, family, or something else you can’t define precisely, love binds us together. All the signs that show “yes” will take you on a journey from your yard to the world outside the living, as it establishes itself among the stars’ thirteen love and life stories.

These stories will touch your heart, speak your soul, and forever reach your horoscope.

g. haron davis (Aries)
Adrianne White (Aquarius)
Cam Montgomery (Ophiuchus)
Tehlor Kay Mejia (Gemini)
Mark Oshiro (Libra)
Eric Smith (Scorpio)
Emery Lee (Pisces)
Byron Graves
Karuna Riazi (cancer)
Roselle Lim (Taurus)
Alexandra Villasante (Capricorn)
Lily Anderson (Sagittarius)
Kiana Nguyen (Leo)

All signs are “yes” releases about May 31, 2022!

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Cover Disclosure: All characters are shown as follows, edited by g. haron davis, Cam Montgomery and Adrianne White
all signs point to yes cover reveal

Cover Artist: Alex Kabbalah | Cover art direction: Gigi Lau | Cover design: Magen McCallum

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About the editor
cam montgomery

Cam Montgomery (enby) spends time teaching to dance, running a bar and writing kiss books. Her two novels – HOME AND BEYOND and ANY MEANS – are now available. It is a third of the trifects editing the anthology titled ALL SIGNS YES (Summer 2022). She lives in Seattle and spends too much time complaining about the weather. You can say it more than you ever wanted to know on Twitter @saygoodnightcam or ig @ camstagram.jpg. Cam is represented by Jim McCarthy of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret.

Search for webcams: Website | Twitter | Instagram

g davis headshot

g. haron davisas is a New York-born, Tennessee-grown young adult author, cat father, and fishing enthusiast. Currently living on the outskirts of Kansas City, Missouri, they specialize in horror and several shades of fantasy. In their spare time, they can be found playing video games, asking absurd questions on Twitter, and publishing the BTS Gospel. Together with Adrianne White, they co-founded the marginsbox, which celebrates diversity. Their debut in ALL SIGNS POINT TO YES will be announced together with Inkyard Press in 2022. Their second anthology, TRANSMOGRIFY !, will be published on HarperTeen 2023. They can be found online at and Twitter at @burnonblackhome.

Find g. about: Website | Twitter

aw author photo

Adrianne White (she / she) is a born and raised Midwestern currently living in Kansas City, a Missouri suburb. When she doesn’t write for young adults, she usually falls asleep, watches movies, listens to kpop, and raises marginalized voices in children’s literature. 2019 Together with g, she co-founded the diversity book subscription box marginsbox. haron davisas. Find it online at and @writersrepublic on Twitter.

Adrianne will find: Website | Twitter