Alexander Dumas sequel “Three Musketeers”


I’m sorry I didn’t submit this week’s book, The Beginning of the Book, last night. My computer was in a computer hospital. Uhh! Luckily, it was an easy repair – it just needed (like) a bigger hard drive. Let’s say my phone had twice as much brain power as the top of my two-year-old laptop. What was I thinking?

So I’m here and I’m ready to share the opening sentences (or so) of the books we’re reading this week (or just the books we want to highlight). What book captured your first week in October?


From Between two kings:

1660 In mid-May, at nine o’clock in the morning, after the already hot sun had dried the dew on the embankments of the Château de Bois, a small cavalcade consisting of three men and two younger pages returned to the city via the Loire Bridge.

Dumas published Twenty years later, its sequel Three Musketeers, 1845 Between two kings, shown here, is the first volume Twenty years later.

This is the latest edition of Lawrence Ellsworth’s new translation of the Musketeers’ Cycle, released now from Pegasus books. Ellsworth’s is the first translation from French to English in more than 100 years. If you used to think the Musketeers were hilarious, wait until you see how they intertwine now!



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My Friday 56

From Between two kings:

As he walked through the gate, leading his horse behind the bridle, a soft voice shouted from the gloom of the darkened road, “Mr. Raula!

The young man was surprised and saw a brown-haired young woman pressing her finger to her lips and holding out her other hand.