A series of shadows and bones – the right words

After many years of waiting, it has finally come.

A moment that fans of Leigh Bardugo could not wait for.

The Shadow and bone The premiere of the Netflix series took place in 2021. On April 23, giving viewers a full first season with 8 series. With Jessie Mei Li as Alina Starkov and Ben Barnes as dark-skinned, book fans expected great things.

Thanks in the sky above, we were not disappointed.

As a passionate fan Six crows a series he also liked Shadow and bone series, I was scared that the adaptation would end as Percy Jackson movies: poorly planned and unable to execute books properly.

But seeing Leigh Bardugo be part of the production, I held in my heart the hope that this series wouldn’t be a complete flop.

The series focuses on Alina becoming a Sun Herald and her journey to help Ravka end the war. The casting was done perfectly. I think some of the actors and actresses in the play may not match the images of some of the readers as they imagined the characters, but each person blended in perfectly.

(Just prepare emotionally for the absence of Nikolai Lantsov.)

Shadow and bone gathered a team of actors full of potential and talent.

But some of you may be wondering How about Six crows storyline?

Well, dear reader, Kaz Brecker and his crows are definitely on to do show up and have a big impact on history.

Just not the way we imagined.

With millions of people reading books and knowing the story, the producers couldn’t just copy and paste the storyline into the series, right? No.

Be prepared to follow the crows in a terrible adventure that we have not yet experienced, but which everyone will swallow and will remain wanting more. You would meet when you meet new but familiar characters, and you would smile when you hear that character say the quotes you highlighted in your book.

Surprise with a smile at Kazi’s idea, admire Inej’s faith and marvel that Kit Young was born to play Jesper.

As wonderful and enjoyable as this series is, I feel there is much more to come. And I have good news for everyone Shadow and bone addicts: it has been renewed for a second season, and judging by the show’s popularity, it could last even longer.

I started watching the series with specific expectations.

Have they met? Really.

Did I like the new twist on the series? Yes.

Will I watch the second season? You can bet on each book on my bookshelf that I will count the days until I can cuddle up to my plush and run up to the small hours of the night.


Have you watched Shadow and bone? What do you think?

See you next time!
Xx Alexia