5 best holiday offers inspired by our love of literature –

Have you ever wanted to stack suitcases and follow in the footsteps of your favorite characters. Want to embark on an adventure to see a trip to some of the most fascinating literary places in the world?

Well, we are going to show you the five most popular holiday destinations inspired by literary adventures.

These places will leave your heart and dizziness. You will retreat with memories for a lifetime and make your literary hero fall in love again. So, put that guide in and take the passport; it’s time for adventures that combine your love of travel and love of literature.

Celebrations inspired by a love of literature

The # 1 Women’s Detective Agency-inspired trip to Botswana

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Ladies Detective Agency No. Alexander McCall Smith is the first book in the series to follow Mma Precious Ramotswe when she sets up a private detective agency with only women. A classic read for any traveler, this popular series has inspired many people visit Botswana and discover places indicated in the book.

The best way to explore Botswana is by car or safari, and you will also find several travel agencies that offer group tours, day trips and other options. Among the activities on offer are games that allow you to see the most attractive animals in Africa in their natural habitats.

# 2 The Game of Thrones inspired a trip to Croatia

Goerge RR Martin's Game of Thrones is not only an epic collection of books, but also a fantastic TV show

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It’s no secret that Croatia and its coastal cities of Split and Dubrovnik played the role of King’s Landing in HBO TV series Game of Thrones. In this breathtaking place, George RR Martin (the author of the books) inspired the series, and it’s easy to see why.

The country boasts many historic towns and castles set against a warm Mediterranean background – all perfect for exploring at your own pace or through private trip to Croatia, to create memories that will last forever.

# 3 A Harry Potter inspired trip to Scotland

Harry Potter books are still a favorite.  Children and adults enjoy following the adventures of the young wizard.

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A trip to Hogwarts has always been on this list, but where should you go? Many fans would fly straight to the beautiful island of Skye; others can choose Glencoe. However, we recommend Alfonso Bay in Scotland – the most charming place worth visiting.

It is located on a small peninsula between two lakes, one freshwater and one seawater lake. Its stunning views can be seen from almost every cottage. These natural wonders along with Breathtaking descriptions by JK Rowling terrain, make the trip here even more magical.

# 5 Eat, pray, love a trip to Italy

Eat Elizabeth Gilbert's love and see how she travels the world while she tries to rediscover herself

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Holidays in Italy are a must for everyone Eat Pray: Love fan. Just think of all the places Elizabeth Gilbert visited on her trip, whether it be a hike through Bohemia or a jump on a gondola. You can also see Fiesole, where Gilbert spent the happiest moments in Italy. Then there is Florence, where the main character finds her “sea of ​​love” and it’s easy to see why the city is so beautiful.

You can’t miss the delicious gelato when travels in luxury in Italy. Gilbert’s favorite tip is Il Gelato di San Crispino, which has probably the best ice cream in Rome, and don’t forget to go to Naples to get the best pizza in the world. Try Pizzeria da Michele, well known to both locals and Gilberto for its famous Neapolitan dish.

Also try the Lucca, where Elizabeth Gilbert enjoyed a hearty meal before traveling through Tuscany.

# 5 The Lost City of Z inspired a trip to the Amazon

Lost City Z - Documents That Failed The Trip That Fosset Took to the Amazon in Search of a Long-Lost Place

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Head deep into the heart Amazon rainforests and to uncover the secrets surrounding Percy Fawcett’s failed quest The Lost City Z. This dreamy place creates an epic adventure scene with stunning views and exciting wildlife.

Also experience hidden waterfalls and spectacular panoramic views of the mountains as you walk through the isolated villages. Moreover, it is an opportunity to discover the secrets of the disappearance of this great explorer by immersing himself in South American culture. Try jungle trekking, river kayaking, star-studded camping and unforgettable wildlife experiences.

Where did your love of literature take you? Have you specifically visited somewhere to follow in the footsteps of your favorite author or characters? We would love to hear about your adventures below.

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